Mediterranean Diet recipes and Meal Plan

Sample daily meal plan and portion sizes:

  1. Breakfast:

    • Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries and a sprinkle of nuts.
    • Whole grain toast with avocado spread.
    • A cup of herbal tea or black coffee.
  2. Mid-morning snack:

    • A piece of fruit, such as an apple or a handful of grapes.
    • A small handful of almonds or walnuts.
  3. Lunch:

    • Mediterranean salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives, and feta cheese. Dress with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.
    • Grilled chicken breast or salmon fillet seasoned with herbs.
    • A side of whole grain couscous or quinoa.
  4. Afternoon snack:

    • Carrot sticks or sliced bell peppers with hummus.
    • A small portion of Greek yogurt with honey drizzle.
  5. Dinner:

    • Baked cod or grilled shrimp seasoned with herbs and lemon.
    • Roasted vegetables, such as bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant, drizzled with olive oil.
    • A serving of whole grain pasta tossed with garlic, tomatoes, and fresh basil.
  6. Evening snack:

    • A handful of mixed nuts or a small portion of dark chocolate.

B. Tips for meal preparation and cooking techniques:

  1. Embrace the use of olive oil: Replace butter or vegetable oils with extra virgin olive oil in your cooking and salad dressings. It adds a distinct Mediterranean flavor and provides healthy monounsaturated fats.

  2. Incorporate herbs and spices: Experiment with various herbs and spices like oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and cinnamon to enhance the flavors of your dishes without relying on excessive salt or added sugars.

  3. Load up on vegetables: Aim to include a variety of colorful vegetables in your meals. Roast, sauté, or enjoy them raw in salads and side dishes to retain their natural flavors and nutrients.

  4. Opt for lean proteins: Choose lean sources of protein such as fish, poultry, legumes, and tofu. These provide essential nutrients while reducing saturated fat intake.

  5. Make whole grains your go-to: Swap refined grains with whole grains like whole wheat, quinoa, brown rice, and oats. They are higher in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, promoting better digestion and overall health.

C. Recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks:

  1. Mediterranean Egg Breakfast Muffins: 

    Whisk together eggs, spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, and herbs. Pour the mixture into muffin cups and bake until set. Enjoy as a quick and protein-packed breakfast option.
  2. Greek Quinoa Salad:

    Combine cooked quinoa, diced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, and a drizzle of lemon juice and olive oil. Toss well and serve chilled.
  3. Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken:

    Marinate chicken breasts in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and herbs. Grill until cooked through and serve with a side of roasted vegetables.
  4. Mediterranean Hummus Wrap:

    Spread hummus on a whole wheat tortilla and add sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, and a sprinkle of feta cheese. Roll it up and enjoy a flavorful and nutritious wrap.
  5. Greek Yogurt Parfait:

    Layer Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and a sprinkle of granola or nuts in a glass. Drizzle with a touch of honey for added sweetness.